Poetry Slam
Schools' Poems

Schools' Poems

Slam poems vary in scope and content. The range is from high energy fun poems through irony, pathos and heartfelt poems about emotions close to young peoples' hearts

Below is a selection of poems written in school workshops.

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Primary Poems

(Group Poem)

We fed the animals
One at a time
Some of them ate meat
Some of them ate slime

Anchovies for the alligators
Bananas for the bear
Cucumbers for the crocodiles
Donuts for the Deer

Eggs for the elephant
Fruit for the flamingos
Grapes for the giraffe
Happy Meal for the Hippo

I fed the animals
Jays, Kangaroos and Leopards
Monkeys, Natterjack & Octopus
Parrots, Queen Bees, Rhinos
Snakes, Tigers, U ate all my food you pesky animals!
Oh look... there's a zebra!

(Group Poem)

As the whistle blows, the game begins
foxes run for their lives
dogs pant
horses gallop
guns fire
The hunt is on!

Speed increases
Adrenaline pumps
Pressure unbearable
The fun of the hunt!

The fox darts down a hole
Fierce dogs and bleeding gums
Dance around the open fields
Dead and down
Dead and down

Secondary Poems

By Jamie Lees
(Ralph Allen School)

You are a riddle!
'The man with hidden morality' They say
You speak as if life is hard
But really it's a doddle!

You think you are above the rest
Higher than us all
You think that you are 'something else'
The Top! The Man! The Best!

You must be blind you silly fool.
A robotic mechanic object
You're the power in the sleep machine
The daemons child, the devil's tool.

Take these blinkers off your eyes
We are willing to see the light
We know what you are saying
It's all lies, lies, lies

By Emily Harrison
(Hayesfield Lower School) As I sit within this trench
With the other brave young men
I listen to the gunfire
That sounds again and again

As I sit within this trench
Our feet all soaking wet
Oh how I miss my family
As I smoke my cigarette

As I sit within this trench
And stroke my unshaven chin
Another man sees I'm down
And passes me some gin

As I sit within this trench
We all begin to itch
We hear the cries of fellow men
Then one falls in the ditch

As I sit within this trench
And sharpen my pocket knife
I begin to think of my three children
And my darling wife

As I sit within this trench
I let out a small sigh
What will happen to them I think
If I was just to die?

As I sit within this trench
My nightmares become true
'Over the top now men,' he shouts
'Remember1 Your country needs YOU!'

As I climb out of this trench
My life flashes before my eyes
From when I was a little boy
Who used to tell white lies

As I crawl along the ground
I pray to God once more
Protect my wife and kids my lord
Protect them from this war

As I lie in no man's land
After being hit
Who wants to die like this?
I must use all my wit.

As I run towards the enemy's trench
With bayonet and gun
I look into a face like mine
Another husband, father, son!

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