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Schools' Workshop Fees

Schools' Workshop Fees

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Workshop Fees

Schools often want large numbers of their students to be involved in workshop days. Therefore, in order for the students taking part to recieve the support necessary, two workshop leaders are required. Ideally we recommend a minimum of 100 mins for a workshop - preferably with no more than 40 students per workshop. With more time, or fewer students, we can deliver more in-depth sessions. We are, however, very flexible so please contact us re your requirements.

2 poet/facilitators

  • 475 for a full day + travel
  • 340 for a half day + travel

1 poet/facilitator:

  • £275 for a full day + travel
  • £200 for half a day + travel

Travel expenses are as follows:

Total (there & back) miles

Under 20 miles   Free
20-39 miles£13.50
40-49 miles£20
50-59 miles£25
60-79 miles30
80-99 miles40
100 miles£45
140-190 £75
200 miles £90

Our range for a day's workshop is 100 mls (one way) or 2hrs. We are happy to travel greater distances, however this may require the provision of overnight accommodation.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

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