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Schools' Feedback, Quotes & References

The Poetry Slam brings quality workshops to schools.

All our workshop leaders are experienced poets and facilitators, they have been DBS checked, and have a strong belief in the improving power of the spoken word.

Below is a selection of quotes from pupils and teachers.

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Primary Schools

Pupils Comments

The poets were brilliant and it was brilliant and I enjoyed it a lot.

Michael Crew - Air Balloon Hill Junior School, Bristol

It made me learn how to write a poem and not be afraid to read in front of people and it made me realise that I can use my brain and achieve stuff.

Samantha Tait, Ford Primary School, Plymouth
Teachers Comments

Brilliant! It was such a great opportunity for children to perform and be an audience appreciating so many different styles of poetry and performance. Great!! The children got such a buzz from your workshops through to the Extravaganza itself.'

Stephanie Douglas, St Nicholas Junior School, B&NES

May I say how much I enjoyed the whole poetry slam process. For me the best part was the workshop day when all pupils had a go at writing and performing a poem in groups. I see The Poetry Slam as a very positive event - please keep it going!! Thank you.

Valerie Ledbury, Weston All Saints Primary School, B&NES

Secondary Schools

Pupils Comments

It helped me understand that poetry is not just something static and boring, but that you can perform it and that is quite important as it puts another perspective on the piece.

Matt Walker, Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth.

I enjoyed the workshop. It made me want to speak out. I enjoy writing poetry, but all the competitions I enter e.g. sending away a poem, don't reply like you do and tell me how to improve my work.

Shelley Holland, Estover Community College, Plymouth
Teachers Comments

My team of Year 9 students took part in this year's Poetry Slam for the first time. They enjoyed the whole experience tremendously and were delighted with their achievements. I've no doubt that their self-esteem and the esteem of all the others involved was raised. We'll definitely participants next year.

Lucy Taylor, Cotham School, Bristol

I was really blown away by the performances and the enthusiasm of the kids and the quality of writing. It really makes you realise how much talent there is out there.

Emma Burton, Bristol 2008

Independent Prep Schools

Pupils Comments

It's been really fun and one of the most inspiring things we've ever done. And everyone we've heard has said they enjoyed it and everyone performed really well!

Emma Sveref, Dunhurst.

Today's workshop was great! I really enjoyed what we did, and if there was another poetry slam, I would be on the list like a bolt of lightening. Glenn and Claire were great and I owe a very big 'thanks' to them. It was much better than playing on a playstation or a computer

Will Dalby, Sidcot School
Teachers Comments

Thank you so much for joining us on the Review and Target Setting Day in school last week. You certainly made an impact and I am sure you must have been delighted with the enthusiastic response you received.

Yvonne Wilkinson, Holy Trinity School

Independent Secondary Schools

Pupils Comments

It surprised me how creative I can be when I put my mind to it.

Simon Gerard-Jones, RGS Worcester.

It has made me think more about words and how thy can be said and it has also helped me because I have always been scared of performing in front of people. But now I am better.

Hannah Galain, Bruton School
Teachers Comments

Thank you very much for your excellent Poetry Slam at our school yesterday. I have had lots of positive comments from students and staff that I have spoken to and we would very much like you to return during Arts Week next year.

Jennifer James, Bristol Cathedral School

The girls who took part absolutely loved it. They rushed up to the head on Monday morning clutching their certificates!

Linda Whalley, Downe House School
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