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Slam poems vary in scope and content. The range is from high energy fun poems through irony, pathos and heartfelt poems about emotions close to peoples' hearts. See some examples below of young people's poems and poems by adults.

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Schools Poems

The Witches - Primary School Poem

The witches are frightening
They fly as fast as lightening
With black pointy hats
They look like ugly bats

They make a stew with human beings
They make a charm with evil meanings
They keep black cats and frogs as pets
They catch little children using nets

The Vegetable Conspiracy - By Jack Lecomber - Secondary School Poem

It's a parental conspiracy and it's terribly mean
Sweets have been banished, replaced with things green
Those putrid poisons are not nice with sauce
Not even with chips - they are vegetables, of course

They're found in our fridges, shelves, cupboards, plates
They're what everyone detests, everyone hates
"Carrots taste lovely, they're good for our eyes.'
Huh! Do not believe it, it's nothing but lies.

Spinach doesn't make you strong
Sweetcorn isn't sweet
Broccoli. No! There's nothing worse to eat!
Forget about peas
and oh please, please...
If you're given a sprout
Then shout and get out

Nobody likes them
Eating them is WRONG
The only place that should have them
Is the bin - where they belong!

So let's gang up together and beat all things green
It's a parental conspiracy and it's terribly mean!

Adults' Poems

Thin, by Claire Berry

Cosmopolitan Woman
Perfect Woman
Thin, Thin and Thinner
Thin sells
Sex for the thin
Beauty is thin
Only desirable when a perfect size 10
Magazines, posters and televsion
Thin is everywhere
Grab the flab
Cut it off
Or the world won't want you
No-one will want you
Woman equals thin
Perfect lines
Perfect curves
Well I say

Flab is Funky
Flab is Woman
Flab is beauty
Imperfect is perfect

Goodbye to your message

Hello to Fat, to Flab
Embrace your cellulite
Woman round
Wear what you like
Be who you like

Cos Flab is Funky!

And the Snow Kept Falling...
By Keith Davey

When she ate the cigarette ends one by one, well we started to worry
But brushed it aside, with feigned indifference.
And the snow drops floated down upon the lawn...

Dad joked that it was 'old timer's' disease
And kept his tears hidden along with her pills.
And the snow slowly covered the ground...

When she asked after Ethel we said she was fine
And lied guiltily, remembering her funeral long, long ago.
And the snow covered the grass...

When I said 'Come on Mum' and her eyes looked not at me
But at someone strange, someone from long ago.
And the snow blurred the edges of the path...

When Dad gently took her hand, she pushed him away
Saying that she was perfectly alright, she just wanted to sleep.
And the garden was a white blur, with a few shades of grey.

All around was an expanse of whiteness
Shapes, patterns and forms buried
All was a white... with a tint of grey
And the snow kept falling...

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