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Poetry in the heart of your festival!

Since 1994 The Poetry Slam has been hosting high-profile events, from local festivals to the UK Poetry Slam Championships. Festival Slams attract audiences of up to 250 people and draw new audiences to poetry.

Young People's Slams

Workshop Days

We can hold one-off workshop days for young people (Juniors or Youth Workshops) at your Festival, culminating in a Poetry Slam in the afternoon or evening, which can be ticketed.

InterSchool Poetry Slams

The Poetry Slam is part of the National Youth Slam network, facilitating workshops in Primary and Secondary schools. We can hold a workshop series in schools or at a central Festival venue and then host a prestigious Poetry Slam at your Festival.

Pride in Poetry!

Adult Slams

The Poetry Slam are the perfect slam hosts. With our vast experience we can run professional and fun events for your local poets to take part in a high profile event, reading their own poetry to an enthusiastic audience.

To receive a brochure contact info@poetryslam.org.uk or complete an online application form.

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