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Poetry Slam Board

Nick McCamphill - Chair

I am a Planning Enforcement Officer for Bristol City Council.

I was introduced to performance poetry as a student over 20 years ago, and enjoy attending Poetry Slam events in Bristol. This has fuelled my commitment to promoting the enriching benefits of performance poetry and The Poetry Slam.

Nick McCamphill

Marcella Naylor - Treasurer

I've enjoyed the spoken word scene for years and was part of the performance prose troupe Words Allowed.

Originally I volunteered to work with The Poetry Slam, using my secretarial skills to help out with admin.

Having seen for myself the great work that they were doing; in helping young people find their voices and boost their self esteem I decided to join the board of trustees to be more active at promoting performance poetry

Marcella Naylor

Emma Smith - Board Member

I have a love of words and the empowerment that they give for people to express themselves. As an experienced English teacher, I joined The Poetry Slam's board in order to help make spoken word more accessible. Poetry can be difficult for young to people to access and appreciate. The slam format encourages people to express themselves and it is really fantastic to see how The Poetry Slam can enliven poetry, making it fun and relevant for today's youth.

Emma Smith

Juliet Dunhill - Board Member

I teach in a school for children with Dyslexia and related learning difficulties.

Having attended a few adult slams and spoken word performances, I went along to a couple of The Poetry Slam events with schools. The energy and enjoyment that was evident decided me to accept the invitation to become a member of the board.

Since joining I have been proud to see what The Poetry Slam accomplishes, particularly encouraging people to really enjoy and participate in spoken word without the feeling that one needs to be academic or literary. As a board member I am keen to see more organisations adopt the techniques used by The Poetry Slam and to encourage as many people as possible to express themselves using spoken word. I look forward to seeing The Poetry Slam advance their aims and make poetry an exciting experience for as many people as possible.

Juliet Dunhill

Martyn Lenthall - Board Member

Martyn joined 'Poetry Slam' through an organisation called 'Arts & Business'. A&B match talented individuals from the 'business world' who have volunteered to work within the Arts. Martyn is the first to admit he joined 'Poetry Slam' to try and uncover any glimmer of an artistic streak within him. Bristol born, but Martyn has worked with 'Blue Chip' companies throughout the country. Martyn is a 'Small Business Consultant' who works for larger organisations to understand the opportunities for small businesses / suppliers / customers affiliated with them. Martyn is currently working for 'Yell' and the advertisers within 'Yellow Pages' & 'Yell.com' to work on opportunities for growth.

Martyn Lenthall

Nicola Padden - Board Member

Previous guises as conservationist, interior designer, and founding Director of Bristol Wood Recycling Project.

Now a stalwart at Bristol Ferry Boat Company (as crew, skipper, marketing person and web master) Writer and performer of short stories.

Also pivotal in conceiving, developing, promoting and MC - ing Bristol Ferry Boat Company's 'Word Boat'; an evening of performance poetry and prose afloat on Bristol's Floating Harbour.

Nicola Padden
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